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About us

Sea Green Tree is a consultancy providing technical and policy support in the areas of material and energy efficiency for a range of products – in particular consumer electronics and ICT. 

For governments, labelling/standards organisations, business , other consultancies and NGOs, Sea Green Tree assists with research and analysis, negotiation and stakeholder management, impact assessments and other studies, and policy drafting and review.

Sea Green Tree aims to work toward sustainable products that have lower environmental impacts due to improved energy efficiency and reduced material use.


Flexibility and Reliability

What you need, when you need it: Sea Green Tree can be depended upon for high-quality timely delivery.  An ability to clearly identify client requirements and provide deliverables that are not only fit for purpose but exceed client expectations has been demonstrated.

Wider scope? No problem: Strong working relationships are established with a number of independent consultants working in the similar fields – and sub-contracting of these consultants can be arranged in order to assist on urgent tasks and provide quality assurance.

Remote working as though we’re by your side: Sea Green Tree has a proven ability to remotely manage teams, engage in (and chair) meetings and work flexibly and effectively – assisted by teleconferencing, internet telephony, cloud infrastructure and web-meeting tools. If in-person attendance at meetings is necessary, it is possible to be present in other countries for meetings at short notice due to the situation of the office only 15 minutes from Barcelona International Airport.

Principles of Operation

As a company in the environmental field, Sea Green Tree aims to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Quality recycled and recyclable, or sustainably sourced materials are procured where available, including stationery items such as printing paper and business cards (although we do try to work paperless as much as possible, minimising printing and reusing any waste paper wherever possible!) End-of-life paper waste is shredded and recycled.  Low energy light bulbs are exclusively used in office spaces, and ENERGY STAR® qualified ICT products procured wherever available. Public transport is preferred over private car use where economically viable, and overseas meetings are scheduled to coincide where possible to minimise costs and environmental impacts of air travel.


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